Hao & Friends are a group of little animal friends that live in a teapot. They are each only two inches tall, but are capable of many things for their small size, such as eating many yummy snacks and delicious treats.Click the character you'd like to meet and learn more about!

Hao the Hamster
Very smart and reliable. Coffee lover. A classy gentleham with a healthy passion for Adventure. In love with Worry Rabbit (and she loves him too).

Little Mei
Hao's mischievous little sister. Very girly, cheerful, and has a huge appetite. Loves sweets, and also loves Worry Rabbit like a big sister.

Kaeru no Kaoru
Kaoru the frog. Makes cakes and other sweets for the cafe that he owns with his brother, Kiyo. Loves his job, singing, and singing while he does his job.

hao & friends' snack club

The Snack Club is a membership-based community on Ko-fi where you can support me in my art career journey, and watch as we grow the world of my little animal characters, Hao & Friends.Every month, I share exclusive content such as sketches, time lapses, early looks at concepts for new products. Members of the Snack Club also have access to downloadable goodies like wallpapers, printable stationery, icons, shop discount codes, and more!With enough support, I hope to make Hao & Friends my regular job, and be able to create new designs monthly for stickers, prints, keychains, and other physical goods to offer as "Snack Packs" that we can send out to your mailboxes every month!See the links above to find out more, as well as see the current goals and milestones that we have for the Snack Club!

spring snack packs

Here is this month's member-exclusive "Snack Pack" menu, or digital uploads and printables "rewards" that are currently available in the Snack Shop on Ko-fi! Feel free to help yourself to the menu from previous months, too!

Physical "Snack Mail" can be purchased as an add-on be sent to your mailbox every month! Like Snack Packs, there will be new items on the "Snack Mail" menu every month, varying from postcards prints, die-cut vinyl stickers, or mini sticker sheets. Snack Mail is only available for a few weeks every month and in limited amounts, so be sure to grab them while they're fresh!Any extra Snack Mail items will be made available through "Leftover Sales" for Snack Club members only!

Snack Mail sign-ups are available to everyone,
but members are able to get them for 20% off!

ko-fi goals & milestones

Here are the current list of goals I hope to reach on Ko-fi, and the perks that I'd like to be able to bring to membership tiers and the Snack Shop!

5 members

Goal: I can pay for my art programs every month!
Perks: Monthly wallpapers & digital goods

10 members

Goal: I can have a little boba treat once a month!
Perks: Member menu / semi-custom profile icons

15 members

Goal: Our online store will stay open year-round!
Perks: Stamp Mail opens

30 members

Goal: I'll be able to upgrade my studio equipment!
Perks: Snack Mail / Sticker Mail reopens

60 members

Goal: I'll be able to afford pet food and groceries!
Perks: Snack Club+ (member cards & Planner Mail)

snack club menu board

Resting against the wall is a small, menu chalkboard, filled with pictures of delicious foods and drinks offered at the Snack Club, and the names of our members who make it all possible.

Snack Club Menu

Thank you to everyone who supports me on Ko-fi, and for being a part of Hao & Friends' Snack Club!

made by rennatelier


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